Fat Reduction & Cellulite Treatment

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Fat Reduction & Cellulite Treatment

We use a highly effective regime of injections directly into the cellulite to dissolve cellulite and remove inches from stubborn areas of fat. This treatment is ideal pre-holiday or pre-special event.

Areas we can treat include:

  • neck
  • upper arms
  • love handles
  • abdomen
  • thighs
  • knees 
  • and more... just ask!

Procedure: We make lots of small injections directly into the problem area. The appointment lasts around 30-45 minutes.

Pain relief: cream anaesthetic

Down-time: none, back to work same day.

Side effects: The treatment will make the area injected feel hot. You may notice it go red and slightly puffy. This usually lasts for around a week but usually does not disrupt your day-to-day life. 

Results: The results are permanent. You will see the results of treatment in around 3-4 weeks. 

Number of sessions: small areas of fat can be treated in 1 session. However for best results & for larger areas, such as the lower abdomen or thighs, we recommend having 6 sessions. 

Prices: start from £300