Scar & Stretch-mark Treatment

Scar & Stretch-mark Treatment

Dr Tatiana treats scars and stretch-marks with a combination of therapies that achieve the best results. This includes Microneedling to break the scar tissue down and stimulate regeneration, PRP Vampire therapy to provide the skin with growth-factors and Carboxy therapy to improve blood flow and oxygenation of the skin. 


3 sessions of Microneedling, PRP Vampire therapy and/or Carboxy therapy are spread over 3-6 months (depending on client schedule). 

Each session includes:

  1. cream anaesthetic (10-20 minutes) & harvesting of PRP
  2. treatment session (30 minutes)
  3. lymphatic massage of the area (10 minutes). 

If you choose a treatment course of 3 sessions, this will include a 3 month supply of Skinade daily collagen supplements to complement the cellular regeneration of the skin. 

N.B. A treatment area is approximately the size of 2 hands (tips of fingers to wrist). 

DOWN-TIME: there is some redness and swelling of the skin, however this usually settles quickly and does not interfere with daily activities. 

RESULTS: best results are seen after a course of 3 sessions done 4-6 weeks apart (depending on client schedule). 

PRICE: from £600 per session, per area.