Silhouette Soft lift

This is a revolutionary treatment to address problems of the lower face and neck. As we age, the skin sags, causing jowls and loose skin folds in the neck. The Silhouette Soft threadlift or 'puppet lift' is a quick and effective treatment. 
Once inserted, the threads lift the sagging skin - giving an immediate result. However, the magic of the treatment is that 3 months later the skin is tighter, firmer and plumper than it was before. The Silhouette Soft threads stimulate your skin to regenerate and tighten and hence your skin keeps improving. 
There is no other non-surgical treatment that is as effective, quick and virtually painless. 


Procedure time: 90 minutes

Pain relief: numbing injections

Down-time: variable, depending on bruising/swelling, generally people are back to work within 2 days.

Duration of results: 18 months 

Aftercare: you must sleep with a neck support for 14 days following treatment - to allow the threads to integrate into the skin without disruption. 

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